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Football litter

From:, date 12 August 2015.

Please find attached photo of rubbish left behind after last nights football match. This is not a one off occurrence but a regular thing after any football  match or training session.This is not only a hazard to any  children playing there but a hazard to wildlife and a unwanted sight for visitors to our well kept village.

Is it not possible for the football teams to clear up behind them?


Reply, date 15 August 2015.

I have also noticed the problem and have spoken to the 2 different adult teams that use the facilities prior to the date of these photos due to my own concerns as I fully concur with Mr Matthews  views. I have notified the manager of the team playing  Tuesday of the concern raised.  

Not wanting to appear to side step the issue I would like to point out the adult teams are separate to the junior club and again two separate groups both with new managers and players this season. 
When we have our next junior committee meeting we are inviting the seniors along to try and co-ordinate things and set a few ground rules. Hopefully this will resolve most of the problems we are currently having.