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Litter picking


FROM:, 2 volunteers for the litter pickup.  Dated 11th April 2016

 We joined the litter-picking party organised by our Parish Council on 9th April, and between us filled four dustbin bags in less than 2 hours.  They were too heavy to carry very far, and we left them on the roadside to be picked up later.

 We turned up at the Village Hall car park (actually to the Bowls Club) at 10 o’clock, to find the Parish Council there in force and ready to go.   Everything was extremely well organised.  We were issued with all the necessary kit -  picking stick, hi-viz vest, gloves and 2 rubbish bags, all brand new – and allocated an area of the village to clean.  We were told to report back around midday, which we did, to be greeted by Paul Hodgson with a hot drink and hot bacon buttie.  They were delicious!  In the meantime, Geoff Haigh was driving his van around the allocated areas and picking up all the bags.   These made an impressive pile, but also a sad one, because it shows that people proud to be Yorkshirefolk don’t seem to care that they pollute their own backyard with rubbish.

 Only a dozen or so volunteers responded to the Council’s initiative, and we were not able to cover the whole village.  So there is still work to be done, and regrettably, it won’t be long before new litter is dropped.   Hopefully, the Parish Council will organise another event, and that more people will volunteer to help with the clean up.