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Cross Border Apr2016

Cross Border Highway Action Group

Minutes of Meeting Thursday, 7th April 2016

19.00 hrs in Heck Church



CF       Caroline Fox (Chair) - ERYC Ward Councillor

LWT    Laura Watkinson-Teo - Heck Parish Council (minutes)

CJW    Charles J Watkinson – Heck

CS       Colin Sharp – Pollington

RF       Richard Ferrari – Heck

MG      Michael Huggett – Snaith

ES       Edwin Stocks – Pollington

MKS    Michael Keith Sayner – Pollington Parish Council

JMc     John McCartney - North Yorkshire County Council

KG       Keith Greenwood – Snaith

JP        Jonathan Pittaway – Snaith

JL        John Lumb – Heck Parish Chair

KW      Ken Wilson

GH       Geraldine Hughes – Heck

DH       David Hughes – Heck

MG      Matthew Greenwood

DB       Dave Bliss


CF – welcomed all and gave an update following the last meeting.

Letters sent to both ER and NY MPs to invite them to this meeting but received no response.

Correspondence and information regarding this group was sent to ERYC Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services.  Nigel was made aware of the different companies on site when he made a site visit to the area regarding the closure of Newland Bridge and his role then was Movement of Transport. 

Snaith Resident commented on the excellent planning by ERYC officers during this closure in keeping the road network open.

During the Drop In this afternoon, Stobarts expressed no confidence in getting Green Lane opened.  Plasmor, the owner of Green Lane are not interested in any dialogue with Stobarts.

CJW – Plasmor have taken the embankment out and the road no longer exists. 200m of the road needs replacing/refilling.

CF – need to look into who the legal owner is.  Action: Tim Ashton

CF – Selby/Goole Times in doing a write up and will be coming to Heck Parish Room on 8thApril to interview the Action Group.  Action: LWT to email Selby/Goole Times with dust emission photos.

LWT – suggested that a resident from each village be represented to show that the traffic is affecting every villages on both counties.  Action: CF to contact and get representation from Snaith, Rawcliffe, Balne etc

CF – more than 190 objections have been received.  Stobarts amended HGVs hours – None on Sunday/Bank Holidays, Saturdays 07.00 – 16.00 hrs, Mondays to Fridays 07.00 to 19.00 hrs.  A camera will be fitted in all HGVs cabs to log speed and movements.  If anyone sees a speeding Stobarts HGV or one that breaches regulation, take note of registration and timed and Stobarts will investigate any reported incidents.

JMc – reported that 40 wagons from Sherburn (closing down) and 40 wagons from Cheshire will be moved to Heck.  Stobart’s calculation for HGV movements for 150,000 tonnes p.a. does not add up and do not relate to the core business and this is what NYCC Senior Planning Officer, Tim Coyne is concerned about and is awaiting answers from Stobarts.

CJW – Stobarts currently supply to Scotland, Middlesbrough and Rotherham.  Eventually will supply solely to Rotherham.  All agreed to have received contradicting information at the Drop In session from Stobarts representatives.

Stobarts output of 150,000 tonnes = 3000 per week. On a 5 day week this equates to 600 per day.  Planning application did not take into account incoming raw materials, where the originating source is and third party HGVs.

JMc - The number of wagon movements mentioned in their planning application only relates to the wagons exporting the 150,000 tonnes of products and by-products from the site. NO mention is made of the wagons importing waste wood for processing. So, you have to double the number of wagon movements in their application, (7,176 export movements per year) to find out how many HGVs are on your roads. 

 They work Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings, so they only need about 138 loads a week to reach 7,176 loads a year, 25 per weekday and 13 on Saturday to reach their annual total off 7,176 export movements per year. Even if each wagon only makes one delivery per day they only need 25 wagons NOT 80 to operate their core business at Great Heck. 

GH – reported that she contacted Network Rail and a FOI report was sent to her.  The last inspection was carried out in 2002 where there was about 30 movements in a day.  There has since been a 700% increase.    In a recent CCTV monitoring, 192 HGV movements was recorded in a 6 hour period.

JMc – All must raise objection and ask for a traffic management plan to show where HGVs are going to and coming from and express concerns that HGV movements in planning application do not relate to core business. Object to dust mitigation and HGV movements. Action: All and CS

CS – Quality of Life (how it is affecting us now vs how it was before) is a strong point in EU Law.  Group to produce a draft letter for other villagers to send their objections to.  Action: CS and All

CJW - Traffic is not the only concern with Stobarts.  They have been emitting dust spreading about 4 to 5 km radius.  Told Stobarts at Drop In that they need negative pressure dust ventilation.  Stobarts will look into this. Complained to EA and they are meeting to see him next Wednesday.

GH – Spoke to Tim Coyne regarding noise and dust, contacted SDC Environmental Health, EA but no one would take responsibility.  JMc confirmed that EA is responsible.

JMK – need to get Highways England involved but as local issues have not yet been addressed by NYCC and local councils, Highways England are unable to take this further.

LWT – EA, Highways, Local Councils etc are not taking responsibility and we are getting nowhere.  Action: LWT and CF to lobby MPs to pressure Highways England to take action.

JMc – Lobby Councillors with objection emails and letters but do not include attachments in emails and copy MPs.