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Cross Border prev meet

Minutes of meeting on Wednesday, 16th March


Caroline Fox (Chair) - ERYC Ward Councillor

Laura Watkinson-Teo - Heck Parish Council (minutes)

Tony Woodward, Balne Parish Council

Paul Simpson - Pollington Parish Council

Colin Sharp – Pollington Resident

Richard Ferrari – Heck Resident

Michael Huggett – Snaith Resident

Steve Jones – Snaith & Cowick Town Council

Edwin Locks – Pollington Resident

A Turling – Pollington Resident

Ann Thompson – Rawcliffe

A Beaumont – Rawcliffe

Michael Keith Sayer – Pollington

John McCartney - North Yorkshire County Council

John Lumb – Heck Parish Chair


CF – welcomed all and discussion ensued regarding Stobart’s Planning and increase in HGV traffic affecting all surrounding villages.

No further update on Brocklesby’s planning refusal.  So far, no appeal has been made.  All to keep a close monitor on this.

LWT - Stobart’s are holding a Residents Drop In Q&A session on 7th April at Heck Parish Room.  Time to be confirmed.  Stobarts plan to change HGVs start from 0400 to existing 0700 start. An additional hour at the end of the working week day i.e. extending HGV movements from 1800-1900 is now being proposed together with an additional 3 hours on a Saturday. No mention about Sunday operation.  Action: LWT to advise time of Stobarts Drop in Q&A session

JMc – Stobarts have not been truthful in their planning application and we have to be vigilant.

Residents of Snaith and Rawcliffe complained about traffic speeding and HGV movements at 4 am.

CF – H&H and CPM had co-operated and worked well with Pollington Dust and Noise group when the group first formed but recent traffic movements all the companies on the Pollington Airfield have got out of hand.  Only way forward is to work with Highway England.  An email from Simon Jones of Highways England to Paul Simpson was circulated.  JMc questioned about the reference to Local Plan – NYCC or EYC?

JL – when Pollington Airfield was first opened up, companies were asked to pay towards amenities i.e. access road.

RF – There are no restrictions in Celcon’s planning and they are able to operate 24/7.  Raised concerns about Kelkay expanding.  What land do they own?  Are they expanding beyond their land?

AB – do traffic have to go through villages?

JMc – there is a process in place where HGVs must take the most appropriate route.  Action: JMc to email the report to the attendees.

All agreed that traffic is now out of control and an alternative route must be sought.

SJ – urged all to cite reason for turning down fracking planning application based on traffic going through rural areas alone (Hard Talk Programme).

CS – movements to shift 150,000 tonnes will be double of what Stobarts have stated.

CF – reason for most of the HGVs going through Rawcliffe is due to the trucks stopping at the Café near the motorway.

CF and JMc to find out about companies on site and what their planning restrictions are in place. Action CF and JMc

CF – requested for all to send their objections to MPs so they are aware of the residents’ plight.  Action: All

Discussion ensued with suggestions on ways to slow down traffic e.g. speed bumps, chicanes and speed cameras.

JMc – way forward is to set up an action group with a name representing all the villages concerned.  Votes were unanimous and CF is elected Chair to this group.

Name: Cross Border Highway Action Group

Villages: Pollington, Heck, Snaith & Cowick Town Council, Rawcliffe and Balne

Mission Statement:  To improve road network to the benefits of residents of both sides of county border.  To lobby to get an access junction from M62 to enable development of Pollington Airfield in a way it will enhance economic development of the wider sub region of North and East Region.

All agreed that we need a strategy and both MPs must be involved to take this to the next level.

CF – called for the next meeting to be held on 7th April at 7 pm after Stobarts’ drop in session.  Meeting to be held in Heck Church.  CF will write to Andrew Percy and Nigel Adams to invite them to attend this meeting.  Action: CF to contact MPs.  LWT to confirm time of drop in session and also contact Vicar regarding meeting venue availability.