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Manage PC Minutes

The Parish Council page contains links to the minutes of the last 2 meetings, held in the pages PC-latest and PC-previous in General Archive.

Paul Hodgson sends an email containing the Draft minutes of the latest Parish Council meeting, together with the Agenda for the forthcoming meeting.

1.  Copy the Agenda directly into the "Next Meeting" component of the Parish Council page, deleting the old one.

2.  Copy and paste the minutes in PC-previous into PC-latest, changing "Draft" to "Approved", and updating the latter with any changes that are required.

3.  Copy and paste the Draft minutes in Paul's email into PC-latest.

4.  Change the dates in the "Previous Meetings" component of the Parish Council page.

5.  Put details of the forthcoming meeting in the Calendar.


The procedure for the Annual Parish Council meetings is similar, with two sets of minutes held in the General Archive in the page "Village AGMs".