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Manage PC Minutes


Paul Hodgson sends an email containing the Draft minutes of the last Parish Council meeting, together with the Agenda for the forthcoming meeting.

1.  Download the attachment to the e-mail, and save it as PC_mmm_yy in my documents/Pollington Web.  (If the Minutes are sent in the e-mail, make a docx copy). 

2.  Copy and paste the Agenda directly into the "Next Meeting" component of the Parish Council page, and delete the old one.

3.  Put details of  forthcoming meeting(s) in the Calendar.

4.  In the Pollington Web document, delete the new Agenda, tidy up the Minutes if necessary, save it, and then save it again as a pdf file with the same name.

5.  Upload this PDF file into File Manager with the same name.  Update the "Previous minutes" page in Parish Council, break the old link, put in the new one, and change the date of that last meeting.

6.  Check the website to see if it is all OK!

7.  Delete unwanted files held by the File Manager.


The procedure for the Annual Parish Council meetings is similar, with minutes held by the File Manager as "PC_AGM_yy".