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NHW Nov17

Pollington Neighbourhood Watch Meeting 6th November 2017

(Key: P=Present, AP=Apologies received and accepted, NP=Not present and apologies not received)


Ema Baxter (Chairperson) P

Dave Shepherd (Vice Chairman) NP

Paul Arnold (PR) P

Wayne Dickinson (Secretary) P

Peter Warren (Treasurer) P


Samantha Chandler (PCSO) NP




1  MINUTES AND MATTERS ARISING The minutes of the 17th July 2017 meeting were presented. Approved by Wayne Dickinson and Seconded by Ema Baxter.


2  POLICE UPDATE No police update as Sam was unable to make the meeting.


3  SMARTWATER UPDATE AND FUTURE PLANS Reminder of how the kits work: - Once registered, water in the kit is specific to you - The water mark stays on belongings for around 6 months - Police can check stolen goods for markings and trace them back to owner; also linking criminals to the theft - More chance of belongings being returned - Reminder that the water does not stay on outdoors or damp areas Three SmartWater sessions held to date. Kits are still available for those who want to register. Need to get more than 50% of the village registered before Pollington can be advertised as a SmartWater village. To push further registrations at future village events. M Whittaker highlighted an additional scheme – IMMOBILISE - a scheme to allow registration of valuables on a central database to help reduce property crime and improve the chances of property being returned to owners in the event of recovery. Further details at


4  FINANCE UPDATE P Warren presented the summary financial information. No movement since the July meeting. Cash balance is £774.50.


5  iSpy MAGAZINE Publication is funded through advertising revenue, which has reduced in recent months, threatening future publications. Cost of the May issue of iSpy magazine was £420.69, with a profit of £147.50; advertising costs £50 for a full page ad J Barrett has proposed to extend the reach of the magazine to other areas – e.g. Snaith & Gowdall – and so have one combined magazine; thoughts are this would attract more advertising interest, and that funding may be available via Maureen Yates to cover the cost of publishing. Advertising revenue would then be used for other Neighbourhood Watch Initiatives. Feedback from general discussion was as follows: - Distribution would be more challenging - Lots of work to coordinate - How would the revenue be split across the different areas? - On flip side, going forward it is not economically viable to continue as is - Can we distribute via the web/email? General agreement that a magazine/written format is better and reaches more people


6  ANY OTHER BUSINESS Possibility of additional funding for SmartWater kits, but need a push to get more people registered Marked patrol vehicles are operating in Eggborough The Community Centre have cash available for CCTV to be installed in the village; but are looking for advice from Neighbourhood Watch as to how this might work in practice including: - Where would the CCTV be installed to ensure it is compliant (rights to privacy etc.) - How would it be monitored (third party/recording and review of footage if needed, etc.) - Access: remote access via web, who would have access - Involvement of council ACTION: E Baxter to investigate potential outsourcing options to third party Next meeting 7.30pm, Monday 12 Feb 2018, in The Kings Head