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PC 17/06 Aug


POLLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL – APPROVED minutes Wednesday 30 August 2017                                        17/06


PRESENT: Crs Wilson, Simpson, Kealey, Haigh & Bayston. Cr Fox. K Bellwood, E Stocks. Apol. Cr Barrett.


MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 5 July ‘17 were approved.




b. HIGHWAYS. Clerk reported contacting Payback scheme regarding path clearing on Long & Gowdall Lanes.

   Balne Croft Lane – bad potholes at old railway bridge.

c. VILLAGE HALL. All ok. 3 year plan for improvements.

d. N/WATCH. Crime Prevention visited meeting, possibilities to be investigated including cctv.


f. PARISH ROOM TOILET. D Tuplin to do work required soon.

g. LITTER BIN. Flower pots to be provided by CPM at Snaith Road.

h. POST BOX. Still to be done.

i. OLD CHAPEL. Clerk reported discussions with involved parties, received contribution of £1000 with agreement to contribute another £9000 in two years for Parish Council to withdraw objections to registration of land fronting property.



1. THANK YOU LETTERS. From Church and Monday Club for Solar Community Benefit donations.

2. WILLOW LANE. Email from resident complaining about speed of vehicles along Willow Lane, discussed but agreed speeding a police matter and signage ERYC.


PLANNING: Approved by ERYC:  Bridge House, dog therapy.  3 Gowdall Lane, erection of dwelling following removal of existing bungalow.

George & Dragon, erection of 2 dwellings and conversion of existing into 2 apartments.

Oaklands Caravan, Balne Croft Lane, residential caravan.

1 Poplar View, Erection of detached double garage, continued use of land as domestic curtilage and retention of stables as built


ACCOUNTS: Received: £1,000 see MA i.

Agreed the following be paid:

                              Crown Garden Centre (daffodil bulbs)          £  61.67p + 12.33 vat

                              npower (P Rooms)                                     £231.50p + 12.99 vat



1. Cr G HAIGH. Regrettably moving due to work.

2. PINFOLD ALLOTMENT. Tenant left the village, check waiting list.

3. PINFOLD LANE QUARRY. Entrance overgrown – request Adam Cundall clear.

4. CANAL DRAINS. Reported landowners had received notices for cleaning out.

5. PARKING, vehicles on footpaths. Complaints received, discussed and Cr Fox agreed to contact highways regarding signage.


NEXT MEETING:   Wednesday 4 October 2017 @ 7.00pm