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PC 17/08 Nov17


Approved minutes Wednesday 22 November 2017                                                                 17/08


PRESENT: Crs Wilson, Simpson & Bayston. Cr Barrett. Public: B Bellwood, J Jackson & M Tuplin.

Apol. Cr Kealey & Cr Fox.


MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 4 October ‘17 were approved.



a.  PLAYING FIELD. Reported that shrub had been replaced. Moles causing problems again, Clerk to contact molecatcher.

b.  HIGHWAYS. Noted that Long Lane footpath had been cleared of overgrowth.


d.  N/WATCH. Possible CCTV still being investigated, to be discussed at a meeting in February. More breakins, vehicles stolen and properties damaged. Cr Barrett reported that there are additional police patrols in rural areas and that more officers being recruited, also very aware that rural communities were being targeted by criminals. Agreed that Humberside Police Inspector be invited to next meeting.

e.  SOLAR FARM COMMUNITY FUNDS. Cr Bayston to ask Cricket Club about progress with new access. Cr Bayston reported that Christmas Tree would be delivered and erected soon. Agreed switch on date be 1st December at 6pm, Countrywomen to organise event.

f.  LITTER BIN. Flower pots planted, thanks to Chairman and Cr Bayston.

g.  POST BOX. Collection times notice installed at last.

h.  PINFOLD ALLOTMENT. Chairman to contact Kevin Meaney.

i.  PARKING, vehicles on footpaths. Awaiting report from Cr Fox.



1.  MONDAY CLUB. Request for donation to Christmas Lunch – discussed and agreed £100, sect 137.

2.  VALE OF SNAITH. Request to attend next PC Meeting regarding improvements etc. – agreed.

3.  CANALS & RIVERS TRUST. Email regarding dog fouling – discussed and agreed Clerk respond.

4.  NORTHERN STRAW. Chairman reported receiving an invitation to a meeting regarding a possible motorway access to airfield industrial area.

5.  H&H CELCON. Chairman reported receiving information – possible funds towards Village Hall improvements, continued monitoring of hgv’s speed etc, plus an offer to print the Newsletter.


PLANNING: Approved by ERYC: Fir Tree Barn, Main Street, continued use as b&b.

                                No comments: H&H, relocation of slurry tank.



Agreed the following be paid:

  Npower (P Rooms)                      £ 212.74p + 10.64p dd.

  K Wilson (shrubs etc)                  £ 32.59p

  P Arnold (printer inks)                 £ 353.56p + 80.71p

  Monday Club                               £ 100.00p sect 137.



1.  CRANE DEPOT. B Bellwood reported recent use of bright lighting causing problems, Chairman offered to contact site.

2.  SCHOOL. Reported concerns about dropping/collecting pupils on Balne Hall Road causing obstruction and worries about child safety.

3.  PARISH ROOMS. Agreed tea towels be obtained.


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 17 January 2018 @ 7.00pm in the Parish Rooms.