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PC 17/7 Oct

POLLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL – APPROVED minutes Wednesday 4 October 2017                  17/07


PRESENT: Crs Wilson, Simpson & Kealey. Cr Barrett. Public: K Bellwood, E White, J Byers & K Senior. Apol. Cr Bayston & Cr Fox.


MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 30 August ‘17 were approved.



a. PLAYING FIELD. Chairman reported a replacement shrub required for planter. Agreed old goal posts near tennis courts be removed – Adam Cundall be requested to do.

b. HIGHWAYS. Some repairs done on Crowcroft Lane but still some potholes.

c. VILLAGE HALL. All ok.

d. N/WATCH. Possible CCTV still being investigated.


f. PARISH ROOM TOILET. D Tuplin completed work.

g. LITTER BIN. Flower pots installed, to be filled soon.

h. POST BOX. Still to be done.

i. OLD CHAPEL. Application made to Land Registry.

j. WILLOW LANE. Another email from resident, Clerk reported responding.

k. PINFOLD ALLOTMENT. Clerk to contact applicants on list.

l. PARKING, vehicles on footpaths. Awaiting report from Cr Fox.

m. CANAL DRAINS. Being cleaned.



1. AUDIT. Completed.


PLANNING: Approved by ERYC: George & Dragon, 2 dwellings and conversion.

The Shambles, retention of existing and erection of agricultural building. Fir Tree Barn, Main Street, continued use as b&b – member of public expressed concerns, particularly regarding parking – Cr Barrett reported that Highways had no adverse comments and it was agreed that the PC had no objections.


ACCOUNTS: Received: ½ Precept £4k

Agreed the following be paid:

D Tuplin (P Room toilet) £ 115.00p

Audit fee £ 100.00p + 20.00 vat

Oak Tree (play insp.) £ 35.00p



1. PANTHERS. J Byers reported on situation, goal posts being repaired and ongoing repairs to goalmouths.


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 22 November 2017 @ 7.00pm