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POLLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL                                                         17/04a

Draft Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of April 2017.

The Chairman welcomed those attending and opened the meeting.

Cr Geoff Haigh explained he would be leaving the village due to his business, the Chairman wished him well and thanked for his work with the Council.


NEWSLETTER. Paul Arnold thanked for his continued well executed production of the Newsletter along with the projector display for the Annual Meeting.


MINUTES: Minutes of 2016 meeting approved.



1.HIGHWAYS. Reported a recent Streetscene walkabout and that some issues were already being dealt with. Once again attendees were encouraged to use the ‘FIX MY STREET’ website to report any problems.

2.DUST & NOISE. Recently disbanded with a Cross Border Group being formed.

3.HECK LANE QUARRY. Reported that there were occasional problems.

4.HISTORY GROUP. Going well and growing, current project – Victorian Pollington.

5.VILLAGE HALL. Things going well – Cr Haigh gave report, looking to improve kitchen soon.

6.EMERGENCY PLAN. Continues to be updated, elderly and vulnerable list added to.

7.WEBSITE. Eric White thanked for his continued responsibility and efforts for maintaining the site and everyone reminded to let him know of any events etc.

8.DEFIBRILLATOR. New circuit board fitted, thanks to Dave & Sarah Shepherd for work.

9.N/HOOD WATCH. Going well. Smartwater distributed to residents.

10.PLAYING FIELD. Well used. Reported fence repaired following recent break in to Rose Cottage.

11.SPEEDING VEHICLES. Reported that all local farmers had been requested to take care.

12.KEEDWELLS. Believed that a crane company were purchasing the site.

13.KEEP VILLAGE TIDY. Cr Haigh thanked volunteers although more would be appreciated. Cr Haigh thanked for his organisation of litter picks.




B.CHRISTMAS TREE. Well appreciated with many favourable comments, thanks to Cr Bayston for obtaining and erection of tree.

C.DAFFODIL BULBS. Lots of appreciation of how they had improved the village, thanks to Ken and Liz Wilson for all their work.

D.BUS SHELTERS. Reported that they were to be repainted soon.

E.CRICKET FIELD. Due to new vehicle access kerb to be lowered.

F.SNAITH ROAD. Bench, bin and bollards installed.

G.PRINTER. New printer recently obtained, meeting informed that it was used by various groups and Paul Arnold thanked for all his work.


DOG FOULING. Lots of signs erected with some improvements. Meeting informed that offenders could be reported to the Dog Warden and on the ERYC website.



1.GREENFIELDS. Reported problem with poplar catkins covering gardens, blocking gutters etc, causing stress to residents. Copy of letter sent to CPM and photos provided – awaiting reply.

2.BALNE CROFT FARM. Reported an application for sale of alcohol had been made.


The Chairman thanked ERYC Councillors John Barrett and Caroline Fox for all their support.

Cr Barrett addressed the meeting – complimenting the Parish Council on the achievements being more than most similar sized councils. The school having excellent reports.



The Chairman closed the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.