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POLLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL                                                                     16/04A

APPROVED Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Wednesday 18 May 2016.


The Chairman welcomed those attending and opened the meeting.

The Chairman asked whether everyone had received the Newsletter and read the Chairman’s report and that it had updated all on other active groups in the village.

Cr Tom Bayston was welcomed and introduced himself.


MINUTES: Minutes of 2015 meeting approved.



1.HIGHWAYS. Reported that a number of repairs had been done following the closure of Snaith Road. Once again attendees were encouraged to use the ‘FIX MY STREET’ website to report issues.

2.DUST. A thank you to all those liaising with local companies, the group being led by Cr Fox.

3.HECK LANE QUARRY. Reported that there had been a reduction in the m/cycle problem.

4.HISTORY GROUP. Appears to be going from strength to strength – P Arnold gave an update.

5.VILLAGE HALL. Things going well – P Simpson (Chairman) updated on future improvements.

6.EMERGENCY PLAN. Continues to be updated.

7.WEBSITE. Eric White thanked for his continued responsibility and efforts for maintaining the site and everyone reminded to let him know of any events etc.

8.PINFOLD QUARRY. Awaiting concrete pipe to restrict m/cycle access.

9.DEFIBRILLATOR. Assured the meeting that everything in order despite there being no green light. Intending to have a further training session later this year, details to be advertised.

10.N/HOOD WATCH. Going well. Police donated £1k, match funded with Parish Council making up the group funds. ERYC also donated £1k to spent on crime prevention for the elderly and vulnerable – the Parish Council completed 16 referral forms plus a few from the police, very positive feedback being received from residents who benefitted.

11.PAYBACK SCHEME. Noted that Gowdall and Long Lane footpaths cleared.

12.PLAYING FIELD. Pleased that the equipment is being well used. Tennis nets and posts being renewed due to vandalism.

13.SPEEDING VEHICLES. Despite previous surveys showing no further action required on Snaith Road and Gowdall Lane, another had been requested due to further complaints. Ed Surman from H&H Celcon reported that they were monitoring vehicles servicing their site.

14.PANTHERS. Continuing to thrive.

15.KEEDWELLS. Site vacated although a café now on site. Mr Bellwood reported a dust problem due vehicles turning on site.

16.SOLAR FARMS. Up and operating with little impact. Contribution to the PC £2500 pa.

17.KEEP VILLAGE TIDY. A litter pick took place in April – Cr Haigh thanked those who took part plus ERYC for equipment and collection of rubbish.



The Chairman closed the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.