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POLLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL – DRAFT minutes Wednesday 11 April 2018         (18/03)


PRESENT: Crs Wilson, Simpson and Taylor,  Public: Mr Bellwood.

Apol. Cr Barrett & Cr Fox. Crs. Kealey & Bayston.

Following previous discussions and agreement Diane Taylor co-opted as a Councillor. Chairman welcomed and thanked Diane.


MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 28 February ‘18 were approved.



a. PLAYING FIELD. Clerk to check car park/poles.


b. HIGHWAYS. Potholes on Long Lane flyover and Heck Lane.


c. VILLAGE HALL. Reported that kitchen improvements were completed. Discussed and agreed replacement windows and doors to be done using Solar Farm Community funds, costs being quoted approx. 10k, offer of donation from H&H of 3k, contribution of 1.5k from Village Hall.


d. N/WATCH. Reported Smartwater distributions on 2nd and 3rd June. Community Alerts to be in Newsletter, Facebook being used for information. The Police Meeting at Snaith was attended by 3 Pollington representatives.


e. SOLAR FARM COMMUNITY FUNDS. See c.Village Hall. No progress on Cricket Field new access, Clerk to look into planning requirements.


f. PARKING. Nothing received from ERYC.



CORRESPONDENCE: None received.


PLANNING: Approved by ERYC: Celcon, slurry tank. Land south of Oakwood Park, development.


ACCOUNTS: Received: Solar Farm - £2666.76p

Agreed the following be paid:

                              Litter pick refreshments                                  £     6.00p cash

                              ERYC (salt bins)                                             £ 320.00p + 64.00 vat

                              Bluesky (website)                                           £ 150.00p + 30.00 vat

                              ERYC (P Rooms rates)                                     £ 206.40p

                              ERNLLCA (mem/ship)                                      £ 492.28p

                              Clayton’s (trees V hall)                                    £ 195.00p



1.NEWSLETTER. Chairman presented draft, agreed he had done an excellent job.

2.LITTER PICK. Following comments it was agreed to look into obtaining equipment for residents to use between organised litter picks.

3.DAFFODILS. Agreed Chairman obtain some fertilizer.


NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday  4th July 2018 in the Parish rooms @ 7pm