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POLLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL – APPROVED minutes Wednesday 17 January 2018                  18/01

PRESENT: Crs Wilson, Simpson, & Bayston. Public: B Bellwood, K Greenwood (Vale of Snaith).

Apol. Cr Kealey, Cr Barrett & Cr Fox.

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 22 November ‘17 were approved.


a. PLAYING FIELD. Caught 6 moles.

b. HIGHWAYS. Potholes – o/s Woods Coaches, Gowdall Lane generally.

c. VILLAGE HALL. Ok. Planned improvements and increased use.

d. N/WATCH. Next meeting in February.

e. SOLAR FARM COMMUNITY FUNDS. Cricket Field access being pursued. Hedge to be dealt with. Reported that Christmas Tree switch on successful and well attended.

f. PINFOLD ALLOTMENT. Chairman reported receiving an offer to rent at £10/week for daytime use by Jayne Moss for a Shetland pony. Discussed and agreed poor quality soil for produce so accept for a trial period.

g. PARKING. Awaiting report from Cr Fox regarding signage to deter on footpath parking.

h. VALE OF SNAITH. K Greenwood outlined proposal for a village loop on Trans Pennine Way, agreed an excellent idea.

i. CANALS & RIVERS TRUST. Response received with intended signage and bin.

j. NORTHERN STRAW. On going.

k. H&H CELCON. Village Hall Committee liaising regarding offer to assist with improvements.

l. SCHOOL. Reply received – looking into parking issues.

m. PARISH ROOMS. Tea towels obtained.


1. ERYC. Grass cutting no longer subsidised – 2018 prices - Cricket Field £542.92p + vat and Playing Field £832.62p + vat – agreed these be accepted.

PLANNING: No comments: Cherry Tree Mill, infill structure. PWM, Gowdall Lane, 2 story extension. Home Farm, alterations and extensions.

ACCOUNTS: Received: Wayleaves - £32.88p. VAT refund - £848.06p

Agreed the following be paid:

  Xmax tree refreshments           £42.20p cash

  Xmas tree                              £180.00p

  Cleaner (Parish Rooms)           £76.50p cash

  C Ward (Booking/key holder)   £120.00p

  Clerk (1/2 year sal/exp.)         £1000.00p

  ERYC (grass cutting)              £895.59p + 179.12 vat

  Tea towels                            £4.00p cash

  Holey Moley                          £90.00p


1. COUNCILLOR VACANCY. Possibilities being followed up.

2. HEDGES. Overgrowing footpaths – 3 or 4 Poplar View, contact Highways. Cricket Field, Cr Bayston to liaise with Cr Kealey.

 NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 28 February 2018 @ 7.00pm