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POLLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL – Approved minutes Wednesday 28 February 2018                                 18/02


PRESENT: Crs Wilson, Simpson, Kealey & Bayston.  Public:

Apol. Cr Barrett & Cr Fox.


MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 17 January ‘18 were approved.



a.PLAYING FIELD. Request Adam to sort poles.

b.HIGHWAYS. Potholes: Long Lane flyover, Gowdall Lane, Willow Lane and Crowcroft Lane. Road markings at Long Lane/A645 junction.

c.VILLAGE HALL. Ok. Meeting soon with Howdens regarding kitchen improvements.

d.N/WATCH. Another Smartwater distribution day soon. Meeting re crime at Snaith on 27 March.

e.SOLAR FARM COMMUNITY FUNDS. Awaiting information from Cricket Club on drop kerbs. New doors and windows for Village Hall, costing to be done.

f.PINFOLD ALLOTMENT. Tenancy Agreement done.

g.PARKING. Cr Fox regarding signage, text received indicating ERYC will be forwarding information.


i.SCHOOL. Email received about changes to parking on front.

j.PARISH ROOMS. Extension lead obtained.

k.COUNCILLOR VACANCY. Nothing yet, Cr Bayston chasing possibility.



CORRESPONDENCE: None received.



PLANNING: Following information on an application to extend operating hours by Kelkay – agreed objection be made, Cr Barrett and MP objected too.



ACCOUNTS: Agreed the following be paid:

                              Adams Grounds Maint. (removal of old goal posts)  £  74.25p

                              Extension lead (Parish Rooms)                              £    5.00p cash

                              Meal voucher (Website admin.)                             £  30.00p cash




1.HANNAH HARRISON. Explained her opportunity to attend a jamboree and associated costs, the Councillors congratulated Hannah and offered free use of the Village Hall and Parish Rooms to raise funds.

2.M TONES. Chairman reported receiving a complaint that Crowcroft Lane was ‘dirty’, following checks it was found to be due to agricultural operations.

3.LITTER PICK. On Saturday 7 April, 10am til 1pm, Clerk to arrange notices and website information.

4.WEBSITE. It was agreed that as a thank you to Eric, a meal voucher for £30 be given.



NEXT MEETING:   Wednesday 11th April 2018 @ 7.00pm