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All components should be dated, the date to be shown size 12px, italicised and right justified,and followed by 3 blank lines.


Pictures in wysiwyg components.

Pictures must first be uploaded into the image gallery from whereever.  Give it a temporary name.  If it needs cropping, take it down to a size with depth 3/4 of its width. Then re-size it proportionally to a width of 900 pixels, save it under a meaningful name, and delete the temporary one.  If the picture is subsequently edited (re-sized or cropped), it must then be stored with a new name.  Never overwrite, or use the same name twice.

Pictures cannot be formatted as in WORD.  They are always treated as in-line with text, but may be positioned at the top/middle/bottom of the line.

To fit 1 image across a page, width should be not more than 900 pixels.  For 2 images <455, for 3 images < 300, and for 4 images < 220 pixels.  A single image may be aligned left/middle/right.  Multiple images may be re-positioned using the space bar.

To change the size of a picture already inserted on a page, select the image, right click, then select "insert/edit image".  This will give you a second picture:  backspace the original to remove it.


Pictures in Image Gallery component.

Set the thumbnail width & height to 900, 455, 300, or 220 as described above.

If the display is not right, and a picture needs to be re-sized, do it by going back to the image manager and make a new picture by cropping the old one.



Create a new page within Headlines for the news article. Tick the 'Live' and 'Hide' boxes. Create one component, and compose the article with links to other files as required.  Name the source of the article.

 Write a 1-liner headline preceded by the posting date.   Add a link with the address of the article page. 



Adding PC minutes.

Paul Hodgson sends an email containing the Draft minutes of the last Parish Council meeting, together with the Agenda for the forthcoming meeting. 

1a.  If they are sent as a PDF file, download the file and save it as PC_mmm_yy.pdf in my documents/Pollington Web.  

1b.  If there is a docx attachment, download it and convert it to a PDF file with that same name. 

1c. If the Minutes & Agenda are sent in the e-mail, create a docx document and convert that.   

2.  Copy and paste the Agenda directly into the "Next Meeting" component of the Parish Council page, and delete the old one.

3.  Put details of  forthcoming meeting(s) in the Calendar.

4.  Upload this PDF file into File Manager with the same name.  Update the "Previous minutes" page in Parish Council, break the old link, put in the new one, and change the date of that last meeting.

5.  Check the website to see if it is all OK!

6.  Delete unwanted files held by the File Manager.


The procedure for the Annual Parish Council meetings is similar, with minutes held by the File Manager as "PC_AGM_yy".