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Airfield Plans


NOTE - these issues are  being addressed by the Cross Border Highway Action Group.
Kelkay planning application 16/01991/PLF.
Change of use to land to B8 storage in association with adjacent Kelkay Limited site at the Old Airfield, Heck and Pollington Lane,  East Riding of Yorkshire for Kelkay Limited.
Stobarts planning application NY /2015/0313/ FUL 
is with North Yorkshire County Council for their site on Pollington Airfield. 
The main part of the application is to upgrade their wood processing operation.  They bring in waste, smash it up and call it biomass and sell it to operators such as Drax power, they are now proposing to put all the operation under cover,  which is good as will reduce the dust in the atmosphere.
However, they want to have an 80 bay HGV park on the site with welfare facilities,  not associated with their core business.  This is a Truck Stop which will attract HGV's from all directions at all times day and night.  And to substantially extend the HGV operating hours.
Under the development proposals the proposed delivery hours are to be extended now to facilitate the HGV parking operation. The revised times will be as follows
04: 00 - 22:00 Monday to Friday
04:00 - 16-00  on Saturdays
08;00-   13-00 on Sundays
The current hours ;
07:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday
07:00 -  13: 00 on Saturdays
No deliveries Sundays
Councillor Caroline Fox