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Noise & Dust Committee (POLLINGTON)

                                   Noise & Dust Committee (POLLINGTON)

The Noise & Dust Committee  (POLLINGTON ) was set up eight years ago and is chaired by Cllr Caroline Fox.  The Committee is still active and meets three times a year.  The aim of the Noise And Dust Committee is for residents of Pollington and local companies to meet and discuss issues,  transport,  noise and dust.   This group has been very successful within the community.  Site visits have taken place,  H&H,  CPM  and  Dalkia have always attended  the meetings, its been a little hit and miss with other local companies.
The Cross Border Highway Action Group,  Snaith & Cowick Town Council,  Pollington Parish Council,  Rawcliffe Parish Council, Heck Parish Council  & Balne Parish Council are all on board.   
Contact Cllr Caroline Fox 01405 767330  E-mail


Updated March 2016