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Neighborhood Watch Group

  The Neighbourhood Watch Group.  

 We are a diligent group dedicated in making Pollington a crime free village. We encourage all residents to keep an eye open for any suspicious behaviour and to look out for their neighbour’s property.  Please report anything you think is suspicious to PCSO Sam Chandler, email

Please join the Neighbourhood Watch Group Facebook, and use it to send in details of crimes that have occurred in Pollington and surrounding villages.  Share your concerns and warn others of potential dangers. 


We aim to meet every 3 months at 7.30pm in the Parish Room.  We publish a quarterly booklet i-SPY, which is delivered to every household in the village a short time before these Group meetings, dates of which are posted on the website calendar and on the Parish Room notice board.  Everyone is invited to join the Group, and/or attend meetings.


The Neighbourhood Watch Group Committee.

                   Ema Baxter - Chairperson.

                   Dave Shepherd - Vice Chairman.

                   Peter Warren - Treasurer.

                   Wayne Dickinson - Secretary,   email address 



Our current initiative to fight crime in Pollington is the use of Smartwater to label valuable and treasured possessions. 

  • Smartwater can be used to mark most valuables both inside and outside the home e.g. jewellery, computers, phones, cameras, tools, sports equipment and other treasured items.
  • It is a traceable liquid with a unique forensic code.
  • Once applied it is almost impossible to remove.
  • It is invisible.
  • No two solutions have the same code
  • It is guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years outdoors.
  • It is easy and quick to apply.

The Scheme has been possible because of financial support from Humberside Police Crime Reduction Plan and Pollington Parish Council.

The first event was held on Sunday 5th March when more than 80 Pollington residents collected their kit. PCSOs Sam Chandler and Rosie Emerton managed the enrolment process whilst Beat Manager PC Graham Benson was able to give security advice.

Several more kits were issued at the crime prevention meeting held on 4th August.


Updated September 2017.





  Monday 14th May 2018 at 7.30pm in the Parish Rooms. 

  The focus of the March meeting was the development of area crime plan as part of the Community Led Crime Action Plan Initiative (CLCAPs).  See these notes for more details.





Click here to see the Minutes from the February 2018 meeting.

Click here to see the Minutes from the November 2017 meeting.



Recent Crime Incidents.

Crime incidents are reported on the NWG Facebook, and under "Crime Update" in their quarterly i-SPY magazine.  The magazine is delivered to every household in the village, and the two latest issues are reproduced here - 

   Click HERE to see the first issue of i-SPY (November 2015),

    and HERE to see Issue 2 (February 2016).



Security Advice has been received from the Howden and Pocklington Neighbourhood Policing teams.

Click here for advice on how to protect yourself from burglary,

                                  and here for advice about cybercrime.

Updated 1 April 2015.