Notice Board (last update 25/11/23)

Salvation Army Christmas Carol Concert at Village Hall 16/12/23 @ 18:00 (£5 , with drink & mince pie)

Next Parish Council Meeting at the Parish Rooms 13/12/23 @ 19:00

Parish Rooms Christmas Tree Lights Turn On & Carol Singing 01/12/23 @ 18:00

Next Noise and Dust Committee meeting at Kelkay 30/11/23 @ 18:30
Proceed via Gate 1, on Heck and Pollington Lane, heading for main car park, reporting to reception where a representative will escort to the boardroom.
(Previous meeting minutes seen here: 31st August, 27th July, 29th June, 28th September)
Training at the Parish Rooms on how to use a defibrillator 26/11/23 @ 14:00
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