Neighbourhood Watch Group


 Please join the village Neighbourhood Watch Group here: Facebook

   Please use the Facebook page for posting details of crimes that have occurred in Pollington and surrounding villages.  

  Share your concerns and warn others of potential dangers.


Click here for advice on how to protect yourself from burglary.

Click here for advice about cybercrime.



An initiative used to fight crime in Pollington is the use of Smartwater to label valuable and treasured possessions.

  • Smartwater can be used to mark most valuables both inside and outside the home e.g. jewellery, computers, phones, cameras, tools, sports equipment and other treasured items.
  • It is a traceable liquid with a unique forensic code.
  • Once applied it is almost impossible to remove.
  • It is invisible.
  • No two solutions have the same code
  • It is guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years outdoors.
  • It is easy and quick to apply.

The Scheme has been possible because of financial support from Humberside Police Crime Reduction Plan and Pollington Parish Council.