History Group

Pollington History Group collects and archives information on the village. Group meetings range from informal gatherings, where members and visitors share information, whether photographic, historic or personal memories, to presentations about our latest research.  Work continues on the village archive and the preparation of PowerPoint presentations.   

Old photos, documents and artefacts are always appreciated.

At present our meetings are focussed upon the village houses and the families who lived in  them. Starting at the Waterworks and working along Pinfold Lane our members have identified existing properties and those which have been demolished over two and a half centuries. Usually the occupants have been found from census and land ownership records.

The more recent inhabitants are often pinpointed by long time Pollington residents together with Pollington folklore!

One source of information has been the official inspection of water pumps and wells. This was before piped water was available in the village. Owners and witnesses were listed whilst officials tested the water on a regular basis.

Some magnificent old maps have been studied and the group is ready to collate its discoveries. The next focus of our research is West End where there are several more fine old buildings. At least two of these are Grade 2 listed! Others are of significant Historical interest.

As always it is the people and their stories that bring Pollington’s past alive.

If you have any information to share or just an interest in our Village’s History, please join the group at our next meeting, you will be welcome.

Information is shared through Pollington History Group on Facebook

There is no membership fee and Free refreshments at half time.