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The Pollington Parish Council is a pro-active organisation focussed on achieving the highest quality of life possible for all villagers.

Monthly meetings are held on a Wednesday, at 7pm, in the Parish Rooms.  People of the parish are invited to attend and positively communicate their comments to the Parish Council.  The next meeting being 13/12/23.

The Annual Parish Meeting is held in the month of May, 7:30pm, Parish Rooms or Village Hall.  The next date TBC.

For further information on Parish Council matters contact the Parish Council Clerk.

Your Parish Councillors are:

Parish Council Chairperson: Ken Wilson (telephone 07732 732400)

Parish Council Clerk: Paul Hodgson (telephone 01405 860485, e-mail

Parish Councillor/Vice Chairperson: Tom Bayston (telephone 07836 610945)

Parish Councillor: Geoff Cook (telephone 07472 747715)

Parish Councillor: Ebony Tate (telephone 07854 338624)

Parish Councillor: Kyle Austin (telephone 07425 262883)

Pollington Parish Council’s Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022-23.

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